Family Business Coaching

Family business - father and sonIf you have landed on this page it is not likely by accident. You are either a member of, or involved with, a family business. Family business is a different breed then most businesses and therefore it requires a different breed of coach. At Newroad, we work with family members within family businesses and with people who facilitate and consult for families in business.

As a third generation member of a family business, Newroad Founder, Caird Urquhart is well aware of the complications that can arise when families work together to build and maintain a business. She is very passionate about helping family members work through their differences, so that each member can stand confidently in their authentic self and thrive in the business and in their life.

As a member of a family business are you:

Feeling like you don’t have a voice

Involved in sibling rivalry

Not able to get Mom or Dad to exit the family business

Concerned about succession planning

Wanting to break free from the family business

Defined by the family business

Nervous about taking over the family business

Feeling guilty about ending the legacy of your families’ business

If this is you, then having a family business coach in your corner can be a great advantage for you. We will help you mitigate distractions and get clarity and focus. We will uncover road blocks that keep you from moving ahead to resolve your situation. We will support you so that you can leave each coaching call feeling empowered, confident and excited about your plan of action.

Consultations by referral only.