Article – Time for a career change?

Time for a change in careers? Marji McClure’s article on researching possible job idea online and off. What steps do you need to take to figure out what will lead you to the next stop on your career change journey?

Maybe you are still employed, but not entirely satisfied with your career field. Whatever your situation, it may be time for a career change, which means it’s time to research a new career. But where should you start? October 2013  career interlligence logo

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Chatelaine Magazine – Why multi-tasking is bad for you

Chatelaine Magazine‘s Flannery Dean interviews life coach Caird Urquhart and reveals her thoughts on multi-tasking, why it’s bad for you and five reasons you need to take time for yourself and stop doing it all. chatelaine logo

You’re working, taking care of the house, the pets and the kids; you’re making all the meals and planning summer vacations well into 2020. But are you making time for yourself? September, 2013

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Anokhi Magazine – Take Two: Is a career shift for you?

Tessa Johnson’s article, featuring Caird Urquhart, discusses if a career shift is the right choice and how to go about making that decision. Some tools for evaluating and some practical tips to put in place.

Careers, do they even exist anymore? Job market numbers remain stagnant, leaving very little room for growth for professionals who wish to expand their horizons. But what happens when unexpected changes occur?

Summer 2013  anokhi logo

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