Audio Tip: April 2013 – Bring Out the Stuff

Everyone is doing it, purging can be a great way to rid yourself of unnecessary ‘stuff’.

Audio Tip – Bring out the stuff


Spring is in the air, the perfect time for purging. Have you ever gone to get something at the store only to find when you return home that you already had 3 of them? Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take stock in what we already own.

This month I encourage you to root around in the back corners of your cupboards and storage areas to see what is there. China that you haven’t used in years, a basketball net that has never been hung or maybe some outdoor furniture that with a little care might actually make you want to sit on it again.

If you don’t want what you find, get rid of it; if you do want it, bring it out and make use of it. Clutter and unnecessary stuff can weigh us down emotionally. A little spring cleaning can go a long way to putting a smile on your face.


What’s in your home that has been neglected? Does it need to be purged or put to use?