Audio Tip: April 2015 – Patterns

Do you follow the same routine, the same pattern? Change can be the catalyst needed to open up new opportunities.

Audio Tip – Changing Your Behaviour


April is an interesting month in Toronto. It is unpredictable. It could snow or it could be warm enough to break out the golf clubs. One just doesn’t know what to expect. That is the beauty of April, it keeps us guessing and why I thought it was the perfect time to talk about breaking patterns of behaviour.

If you find yourself falling continuously into the same patterns take note; are they serving you? Too often we rest in our old ways of being because they’re safe. It’s what we have known. Check in to see if you have become complacent because you are too afraid to stir the pot by changing your behaviour. Take a lesson from April. Sameness isn’t always satisfying. Unpredictability keeps us on our toes.

Have you become predictable? What can you do to break your old patterns of behaviour?