Audio tip: December 2012 – Decision Making

Whether it be about work, relationships, travel, finances or your health, not making a decision can be paralyzing.

Audio Tip – The gift of decisiveness

Not being able to make a decision is like standing in the middle of a freeway waiting to get hit by a car. Eventually events will overtake us whether we want them to or not. The world doesn’t stop moving just because we can’t. Are there decisions in your life that have you stalemated?  Often we prolong our verdict in fear of making the wrong choice. We may think it is easier to do nothing, but standing still is a decision by default; one that we are equally responsible for.

Here is what I know for sure, right or wrong, when we proactively make a decision we start moving in that direction. That motion gets the juice of our lives circulating which always creates opportunity.

What decision have you been procrastinating about? This holiday season will you give yourself the gift of being decisive?