Audio Tip: December 2013 – Freedom

This season I had the opportunity to take a step back from the flurry that surrounds the holiday season and to reflect on a key value.

Audio Tip – Freedom

We are entering in to another holiday season and as you run around searching for the perfect gift and find yourself getting frustrated by long lines and no parking; take a pause and breathe in the gift you and everyone else who lives in this great country have already been given.The gift of freedom.

I was at a funeral today of a good friend of my fathers. Both he and my Dad served in World War II. I was reminded during the service that their generation stepped up to protect that which we now take for granted.

Freedom, let us not forget it was their gift to us. Perhaps it is the best one we can give to others.

What does freedom mean to you? How can you best appreciate and share that gift this holiday season?