Audio Tip: February 2015 – Share the Love

In this month that often reminds us of love I challenge you to find new ways to share that emotion with others.

Audio Tip – Share the Love


Given that Valentine’s Day is in February I want to challenge all of you to make this whole month all about sharing the love.

We often get so focused on the business of life… working hard to achieve those big goals and make our mark, that we miss everyday opportunities to have an impact.

How often do you say something kind to a stranger, or compliment the receptionist or the person behind the coffee counter? Do you give away your parking tag to someone if it hasn’t expired yet? Do you let people get in front of you at the bank or at grocery checkout? When was the last time you dropped a hand written thank you on someone’s desk or in their mailbox? All small actions that carry big impact.

This month become aware of simple gestures that you can offer that will make someone else’s day brighter.

What will you do today to put a smile on somebody’s face? How will you share the love this month?