Audio Tip: January 2013 – Be Bold

What if 2013 was declared the year of boldness?

Audio tip – Being Bold

As we enter a new year and are presented with the open slate of opportunity that comes along with it, what needs to happen for you to get what you are after?  Would you approach situations differently? Perhaps there is a conversation you’ve been meaning to have or an adventure you’ve been wanting to take. Is there a business risk that’s been calling you? Are you denying yourself in some way by not stepping up and claiming what you want or saying how you feel? What would happen if you shed your apprehensions and embraced boldness. Put on that crazy pair of pants. Get that short funky hair cut. Join a choir, even if you can’t sing.

This year stand up and be heard. Look people in the eye when you’re nervous. Embrace conflict with confidence knowing you can resolve it. Sometimes all it takes to shift the energy of our lives is a little boldness.

What bold move will add value to your life? Will you take it in 2013?