Audio Tip: January 2014 – Happiness

Although having goals is important, this year I want to address something bigger.

Audio Tip- Be Happy

As we entering into a new year, I would typically be asking people to think about what their goals are for the next 12 months.

I want everyone, myself included, to be conscious of our attitude in 2014. Are we entering into each situation with a positive or a negative frame of mind. You see, we are all striving for one common big picture goal…happiness. The good news is that happiness is not found in what you have or what you do. It’s found in how you think. Happiness is a choice. A choice you have control of.

So as you are making your New Year’s resolutions I want to challenge you to add …be happy… to the list. Not I want to be happy, but be happy. Start now.

This year will you be conscious of your attitude?

Will you choose to be happy?