Audio Tip: January 2015 – Taking Control 2015

Is there one thing you’ve been thinking about doing but you haven’t done it yet?

Audio Tip- Taking Control in 2015

Maybe it’s start a new business, move out of your parents house, move out of your house, learn a new language or travel to a far away country.

I am really excited about 2015 because I am going to do the one thing I’ve been thinking about. This is something I have really wanted to do for some time now and this year it’s going to happen. With the help of my team I will be launching two inspiring online coaching programs. I am so stoked about the creation of them, I’m dancing around the office.

Sometimes all it takes to put a little boogie in your step is to take action on something you have been dreaming about. Even just starting to plan it can change your mojo.

What is the one thing that you can move forward on that will make 2015 a year to get all fired up about? What will it take to get you dancing?