Audio Tip: July 2012 – Overwhelmed

In today’s fast paced world where multitasking is the expected norm, becoming overwhelmed is often an by-product.

Audio tip – Overwhelmed?

During these times I suggest taking a helicopter approach to your world. By this I mean if you were to go up in a helicopter and look down on your life and all that is involved in it, what parts stand out as being the important ones to resolve? Once you have identified these, take out pen and paper and joint down the steps it will take to accomplish each task. Then take each task and break it down into very small chewable bites, so small that they may even seem foolish to point out. Now you can start to move forward tiny ‘chewables’ at a time. Soon enough you will find that you have accomplished each tasks and resolved each concern without the ‘overwhelm’.

What part of your life needs to be broken down into chewable pieces in order to work through it?