Audio Tip: July 2013 – Body Image

What do you see in yourself?

Audio Tip – Body image


My 88 year old mother said to me the other day that when she looks into the mirror these days she doesn’t recognize herself. It’s an interesting thing, aging, it doesn’t matter how old or young we feel our bodies have their own interpretation.

Body image is something that can plague us all, not just the elderly. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is absolutely content with how they look; too tall, too short, too heavy, too much hair not enough hair and on goes the self-critique. Wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up every day check ourselves out in the mirror and think, man I am looking fine today!

Here’s what I have learned. Never point out your flaws, or perceived flaws, to other people. Chances are they have never noticed them. What you see as a glaring physical peccadillo is likely a non-issue to those who cast their gaze on you.

Are you hard on yourself about your body image? When will you give yourself a break and relax into being happy with how you look right now?