Audio Tip: June 2013 – The Finish Line

Crossing that finish line sometimes means evaluating why you are stuck in one spot.

Audio Tip – The finish line

How many times have you started a project only to get distracted, frustrated or bored part way through? I am sure we all have unfinished endeavours gathering dust at home or in the office; a half knitted scarf, a deck that just needs a railing or documents that require a little tweaking before they can be sent out.

Unfinished projects can weigh you down physically and emotionally. As they take up space in your basement or on your desk, they also take up space in your subconscious mind. In business, unfinished projects can jeopardize the growth and success of your company. In life they can keep you stuck where you are.

If you are wondering why you can’t seem to get ahead, take a hard look around at what you haven’t completed. Perhaps finishing those tasks is just what you need to spring you forward.

What unfinished project or piece of business do you need to complete? What will it take for you to get it done and cross the finish line?