Audio Tip: June 2014 – Second Opinions

When making decisions what is part of your thought process? Do you reach out to others?

Audio Tip- Second Opinions

I recently had a marvelous reminder about how important second opinions are. I was trying to find out if a set of pearls were real or not as I was considering giving them as a gift.

First jeweler, no, second jeweler, yes, third jeweler, no. Interesting conundrum. I decided to go online and Google “how do you tell if pearls are real”. A fascinating seven step process popped up. I walked through each method and discovered that the pearls were in fact not real.

Why is this story important? Substitute pearls with renovation quotes or divorce attorney or even cancer diagnosis. You can see how as the stakes rise so does the need for a second or even third opinion. Too often we take the first evaluation as gospel.

What information do you need to make a good decision? Should you get a second opinion?