Audio Tip: May 2013 – Will that be a yes or no?

Throughout life we are faced with many decisions. Some small and some of great importance.

Audio Tip – Will that be a yes or a no

Regardless of the significance of the verdict if we flounder in no man’s land for too long we do damage to our ability to move forward. Some people believe that not making a decision at all is the safest position to take. Many politicians are notorious for this. Not making a decision, however, is in fact a decision by default and you are just as responsible for the outcome. I for one believe that putting a line in the sand is always more beneficial than tooing and froing.

Be aware how often when attempting to make a decision your sentence begins with a ‘yes but’ or a’ no but’. How committed are you to your choices?

What do you need to do to turn your answers into a definite yes or a no?