Audio Tip: May 2015 – Permission to Be Happy

We all want to be ‘happy’; but what does that truly look like and how do we go about trying to achieve that feeling each day?

Audio Tip – Happiness Ambassador


I’ve been coaching for over ten years now and there is one topic that continues to be at the heart of every client’s wish list…the desire to be happy. We all treat happiness like a product. Expecting to be able to go out and acquire it somewhere. Perhaps in a new car, a vacation, a different job or a new lover. The truth is that happiness is a way of being not a consumable item.

We all have a choice each and every day to BE happy. Yet at some point, somehow, we manage to let circumstances dictate. Be aware of how often your mood changes in any given day. What provokes the change? How do you allow it to affect you?

For this month become your own happiness ambassador. When the outside world tries to throw you off base take a breath, roll around in some catnip and stand strong in happiness.

Happiness is a gift you have within you. What will it take for you to embrace it?