Audio Tip: November 2013 – Sunny Side Up

What do you project each time you greet another person?

Audio Tip – Sunny Side Up

When you go out today be aware of your disposition. Are you smiling and looking people in the eye? Are you someone others would want to speak with? Or are you staring at the ground grumbling about how awful your day is going to be? If you let frustration, anger or a ‘woe is me’ mentality be the starting point to your day you’ll be faced with more events that feed that stance.  If you step out onto the curb calmly, rationally, even optimistically, you will find that your day will rise up and respond to that perspective.

You see it’s not about what is happening to you it is about how you react to what is happening to you that makes or breaks your day.

How did you leave the house this morning? Are your reactions adding more misery or joy to your experience?