Audio Tip: October 2012 – Give Yourself a Shot

Taking that first step can release you onto a new path.

Audio tip – Give yourself a shot

“Give yourself a shot babe”, wise words from my father whenever we’d play golf together and he’d see me hacking away in the woods trying to advance my ball closer to the hole. What he was telling me was that if I chipped it out left or right onto the fairway I would be giving myself a clearer shot at the green. I’d get there faster, with less effort and better results.

In life we often get caught in the trees, bumping into the same old roadblocks that keep us from moving forward. If we simply take a step to the left or the right away from what is in our way the odds of us hitting our objectives will increase tenfold.

What are you bumping up against that you need to walk around? What do you have to do to give yourself a shot?