Audio Tip: September 2013 – Trust

How much do you trust in yourself? The answer could be a key in your judgement of others.

Audio Tip – Trust yourself

There are some people in our lives that we may not trust for valid reasons for example if they have let us done or deceived us before. There are others, however, that we may not trust because of our own past experience. These poor unsuspecting souls have already been blanketed with our lack of faith in them before we even know whether they are worthy of our trust or not.

Here is the important message. Our ability to trust in others is a direct reflection of our ability to trust in ourselves. If we have trouble making decisions or allowing people to get close to us, it is because we don’t trust in our own capability to recover if we are disappointed or hurt.

Do you trust in your own ability to make good decisions or to get back up when you fall? What do you need to do to ensure you can trust in yourself?