One-on-One Coaching

Newroad specializes in one-on-one coaching.

Experience has shown us that the best way to get results is to work with our clients one-on-one over an extended period of time. In a one-on-one coaching relationship the client is held accountable on a regular basis and their progress is championed continuously by the coach.

It is hard (ask any professional athlete) to maintain a high level of motivation and increased performance without having someone in your corner supporting you. Whether in sports, business or life that person is your coach.

It is for this reason that Newroad requires a three month commitment from our clients and why many of our clients choose to carry on their relationship with us for several months and often years. They realize that coaching is a vital part of their continued success.

The one-on-one coaching relationship starts with an initial discovery session, which is usually an hour to an hour and half in length. The discovery provides an opportunity for you and your coach to become familiar with each other and to discuss your objectives. The scheduling and logistics of the coaching calls are also established during this first session.

Other than the initial discovery, one-on-one coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes in length and occur on a weekly basis. All sessions are conducted over the telephone allowing clients the luxury of not having to travel to each appointment. This makes the coaching sessions efficient and cost effective. Many of our clients do a lot of international traveling. Telephone sessions provide them access to their coach from anywhere in the world.

The agenda for each call is determined by you-the client.

Some of the areas our clients choose to work on are: