MoneySense Magazine article – A Sudden Change of Plan

MoneySense Magazine’s Julie Cazzin interviews life coach Caird Urquhart about examining your financial situation and making adjustments for a new plan. Life coaching tips and advice are offered in this very personal story.

Joel was faced with an unimaginable situation while on the job, compounded shortly after by a medical condition. The mental stress of dealing with such tragedy and distress every month was quickly building to the point where he didn’t want to be a paramedic anymore. Examining his options and finding a new goal and career required help.

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Radio – Dr. Alan Simberg’s “Life Changing Insights” Show

Caird Urquhart joins Dr. Alan Simberg as a guest life coaching expert on his radio show “Life Changing Insights” to discuss relationships and making positive changes on life’s road.  October 2014

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