Distinctive Women Magazine – Profile Caird Urquhart

Distinctive Women Magazine profiles Caird Urquhart, President of Newroad Coaching, based in Toronto, in their 2014 issue of National women in Canadian business.  As a life and career coach, Ms. Urquhart discusses her coaching philosophy and her experience in the industry.

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Article – Time for a career change?

Time for a change in careers? Marji McClure’s Career-intelligence.com article on researching possible job idea online and off. What steps do you need to take to figure out what will lead you to the next stop on your career change journey?

Maybe you are still employed, but not entirely satisfied with your career field. Whatever your situation, it may be time for a career change, which means it’s time to research a new career. But where should you start? October 2013  career interlligence logo

The Career-intelligence article is here

Article – 5-Step New Year’s Resolutions

Since we have entered into a new year, why not start fresh and make a few resolutions to help you get over your past relationship?  The more you can do to take care of yourself at this time, the better.

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This complete Quinceanera article contains 5 suggested resolutions