Last First Date Radio Show – Guest Expert

Sandy Weiner, Host of Last First Date Radio welcomes Caird Urquhart as a guest expert to discuss relationships, dating advice and her book “30 Ways to Better Days: How to Rally After You’ve Been Dumped”. This hour long show is filled with advice and life coaching tips for those recovering from a break-up or entering into a new relationship.
Aired: September 2014  

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Anokhi Magazine – Take Two: Is a career shift for you?

Tessa Johnson’s article, featuring Caird Urquhart, discusses if a career shift is the right choice and how to go about making that decision. Some tools for evaluating and some practical tips to put in place.

Careers, do they even exist anymore? Job market numbers remain stagnant, leaving very little room for growth for professionals who wish to expand their horizons. But what happens when unexpected changes occur?

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